so.ai open source infrastructure

coming soon

Open Source Infrastructure OSInfra

#OSInfra means having the complete infrastructure visible, documented and automated.

We are still working on it, so you can take a look on our progress on github.com/sodotai.

News will be coming through our @SOdotAINews twitter account.

Why is so.ai special?

You can use the OSInfra on your servers directly

Just run bootstrap_master.sh script on your future salt-master server and you're ready to go. More information available in README.md.

You can contribute to it

Just create a pull request and we'll take it from there

You can promote your own ideas directly here.

Got ideas for a web service but you don't know where to integrate it? Once we're up and running it's going to be as easy as making a pull request. Then it can run on so.ai.

Progress so far

update the wiki for sodotai/core and sodotai/salt-root

states for the base environment

lxc formula

cloudflare formula for our automatic DNS update

firewall formula

salt-master formula

salt-minion formula

motd formula

ssh formula

users formula

defaults formula

salt-minion bootstrap

salt-master bootstrap